Search Tips To Help You Find The Right Student Housing Rental

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Search Tips To Help You Find The Right Student Housing Rental

7 March 2022
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog

When you are going away to college, you will need to find housing that is either on campus and college housing or you can search for off-campus housing. The search for the right student housing needs to be focused on several different areas, including location, your budget, and the types of roommates you choose. Here are some tips to assist you through this search process to find the best student housing rental for your college career.

Evaluate Location 

The apartment that you rent for student housing should be conveniently located close to the university campus and all your classes. This will allow you to be able to walk right to your classes each day and not have to worry about driving to or parking classes on campus. You may want to use university transportation or a bicycle, but you should not have to walk far to get to and from campus. 

For this reason, look for a student rental that is in close proximity. check out the distance from campus by walking to and from the rental to classes to establish an estimate of how far you will actually need to walk. The convenience of living in a student rental is the ability to be on campus within a short period of time without having to worry about traffic or parking.

Choose Your Roommates

If you are considering a specific student rental, evaluate whether or not you will be the only renter in the apartment or if you will be sharing the space with others. An apartment all to yourself may be outside of your budget as a student, and sharing an apartment with two or three or more other students is a great way to also share the expenses of a student apartment. 

Ask the landlord if you can choose the other tenants who will share the apartment with you or find out if the landlord does the apartment screening themselves, and if they do, what type of screening process will they follow. You will want to share the living space with students, for example, who have similar study times and work hours while they don't entertain friends regularly. 

Check Into Amenities

While you are inspecting an apartment for its location, also look at the types of features and amenities that will come with the housing. Find out if the locks are changed between rentals, which can help out your security in the apartment. This can also reduce the occurrence of an old resident giving out an extra key to a friend and keeping your new apartment only accessible to those on the lease.

What types of utilities are included in your rental agreement? Ask the landlord how the utilities are divided if there is more than one tenant living in the apartment and sharing the space. Often, the utilities will be included as an additional utility fee that is an extra cost added onto the rent of the housing.