Love to Dance? 3 Tips for Picking the Perfect Wedding Venue

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Love to Dance? 3 Tips for Picking the Perfect Wedding Venue

20 December 2021
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Dancing is something you may enjoy doing on your own at home and as a couple at events. So, you may envision your wedding to involve a lot of dancing with your partner, family, and friends. Analyze a few features and qualities to help pick a private event venue for your wedding.

Dance Floor

A dance floor is an essential component of your ideal wedding because it will give you and all your guests a place to dance during the reception. However, you want to analyze each dance floor to make sure you pick a venue that you know will satisfy your every need.

As someone who loves to dance, you may have built many friendships around this hobby. This may result in many guests wanting to dance at your wedding. Ideally, you want to consider how many people will dance to help you choose a large enough dance floor. The best dance floors are the ones that are permanent fixtures in a venue as opposed to a temporary setup.

When a dance floor is in a permanent location, you can look forward to its location, sound system, and lighting providing an incredible dancing experience.


Before you start dancing on a dance floor at your wedding, you may expect to hear music playing. So, you must figure out what kind of music you will get to listen to at each wedding venue. Some venues will have enough room and a permanent setup for live bands or DJs. You may also feel comfortable with your own playlist as long as there is an adequate sound system.

A great way to learn about the sound quality is to go on venue tours with your favorite songs on a CD or smartphone. Then you can get the venue employees to play the music at varying volumes, which will help you determine whether you are satisfied with the system.


Along with checking out the dance floor and music set up at a venue, you want to analyze the lighting throughout the space. You can find venues that emphasize natural lighting with floor-to-ceiling windows and even skylights to maximize light in the day. This kind of lighting is perfect for a daytime reception because you may not need much artificial lighting.

Some venues will excel at artificial lighting with floor, ceiling, and wall fixtures. Closing the windows and checking out all these lights is important if you are planning an evening wedding.

Use these tips to pick a wedding venue that guarantees a fun experience with dancing.