Welcome To The Neighborhood: What To Know About Choosing A Neighborhood

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Welcome To The Neighborhood: What To Know About Choosing A Neighborhood

16 August 2021
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You've probably heard the old real estate saying that the three most important aspects of a home are location, location, and location. After all, there is much you can change about a home but the location is pretty static. To get things right, buyers should consider several important points about what surrounds a home. A perfect home in a horrible neighborhood doesn't make sense, so read on to find out more.

Outward Appearances

You can often spot good neighborhoods just by taking a look. They are the ones that have mostly well-kept homes, streets, and common areas. Even neighborhoods with smaller and less expensive homes can show pride of ownership and care. It's recommended that buyers visit a given neighborhood during a variety of times and days. What might seem peaceful on a weekday morning could look very different on a Saturday night.

Neighborhood Rules

While it's not necessary for a neighborhood to have a homeowners' association (HOA) to be good, many of the best neighborhoods are governed by a board. These neighborhoods impose regular fees on the owners, in most cases, but they also offer some nice amenities to go along with those fees. Naturally, understanding the HOA fees and what they buy you is important.

School Quality

Even buyers without school-age children need to be aware of school quality in a neighborhood. You might want to sell your home one day and school quality is of great interest to buyers with children. Ask your real estate agent about the schools.


Consider your day-to-day needs when considerating a location that offers easy and quick access to things like grocery stores, a post office, and more. Traveling across a heavily trafficked city to attend a place of worship may cause both stress and take more time. Workplaces must also be considered when choosing a location.


You might be surprised how much water, internet, and electricity costs can vary from area to area, particularly in larger metropolitan areas. Some cities impose high taxes on things like cable service and some offer cooperatives that save users quite a bit on electricity. Also to be considered is access to the internet. Many rural areas depend on satellite service or other means that can be unreliable and expensive. Find out who your providers are before you make an offer.

The best source of knowledge about a neighborhood might be your real estate agent. Speak to a local real estate agent about neighborhood quality today.