Living In A Townhouse With Kids

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Living In A Townhouse With Kids

17 June 2021
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog

If you have always pictured raising kids in a single-family home, then the idea of living in a townhouse with your kids may make you feel a bit uneasy. There's not always as much space, and you don't typically have a backyard. However, living in a townhouse with children is much more realistic and approachable than it might seem. Here are some tips and strategies to make it work for you.

Opt for a 4-bedroom townhouse, if possible

You might be used to thinking of townhouses as two- or three-bedroom units. Most have living space downstairs and then either two or three bedrooms upstairs. However, there are four-bedroom townhouses in some communities. Typically, the fourth bedroom is located downstairs, and the living room is just made smaller to accommodate this. You may not necessarily need an extra bedroom to serve as a bedroom, but having this fourth room gives you the option of setting up a playroom for the kids. This way, you can keep all of their toys in one room, keeping the rest of the home more tidy.

Get to know the neighbors

One of the great things about raising kids in a townhouse community is being surrounded by neighbors! So, take the time to get to know them. Chat with people who you pass when getting your mail. Attend community events and dinners. When you become friends with neighbors, you can easily take turns babysitting each other's children. Your child can also make some new friends who live close by.

Take advantage of the community amenities

It is easier for you and your kids to start feeling "cooped up" inside a smaller townhouse. But thankfully, most townhouse communities offer a lot of shared amenities, like playgrounds and pools. Get outside, and take advantage of these! Your kids can let off some energy, and your home will feel a lot larger when you start to consider these amenities a part of it.

Teach your kids about quiet hours

One challenge of townhouse living with kids is that noise can travel from your unit to the neighboring units. Of course, kids won't always be quiet when asked. But you can at least work towards this by teaching them about quiet hours and emphasizing the importance of using their indoor voices at home. Your neighbors will appreciate this, and happy neighbors are good neighbors.

Living in a townhouse with kids can take a little getting used to, but with the tips above, you should be set. Look for a four-bedroom townhome for rent to start.