Questions To Ask When Buying A New Home

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Questions To Ask When Buying A New Home

1 December 2020
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Buying new construction is similar to buying other houses, yet there are a few differences to understand. When you purchase new construction, you might purchase a home before the contractor completes it. New homes might cost a little more, too, but you get a house that no one has ever lived in, which is a huge advantage. If you are considering buying a new home, here are a few questions you might want to ask during this process.

Does It Come with Appliances?

When you shop for a brand-new house, some of the homes you visit will still be under construction. Therefore, it is vital to ask the right questions when shopping. Be sure to ask if the house comes with appliances. Most new homes come with appliances, but there are a few times when they do not. If the house comes with appliances, you can ask the builder if you can choose them. You may have to pay extra to upgrade to nicer appliances than those that the builder would supply.

Will You Finish the Yard?

It is also wise to ask the builder if they plan to finish the yard. Landscaping is a gray area with new homes, as they sometimes come with finished yards and sometimes do not. You should ask the builder to find out. If the home does not come with a yard, you might have to spend thousands of dollars finishing this area of the property.

Is It Too Late to Make Changes?

If you find a house under construction, you might also want to ask if you can make changes to the house. If the house has not reached a certain point, you might have the opportunity to choose some of the finishing materials.

Does the House Have a Warranty?

All new homes come with warranties, but the warranties vary by the builder. You can ask the contractor to tell you more about the warranty the house comes with before making your offer on it. Learning this is vital, as a warranty is essential for any brand-new house you purchase.

Is the Price Negotiable?

Finally, you may want to talk to the builder about the price to determine if it is negotiable. The prices of new homes are not typically negotiable. The contractors set the prices and expect full-price offers, but it does not hurt to ask.

If you have any questions about new homes for sale, talk to your real estate agent to learn more.