Need to Sell Your House? 3 Reasons to Use a Flat-Fee Real Estate Broker

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Need to Sell Your House? 3 Reasons to Use a Flat-Fee Real Estate Broker

23 September 2020
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Selling a house can be an incredible amount of work. In addition to getting your place ready to sell and doing everything you can to clean your property, you may also find that it is expensive to work with some brokerages. However, some offer convenient pricing that makes it easy to plan. Here are three reasons to use a flat-fee real estate broker.

1. No Surprise Costs

One of the biggest problems with traditional real estate brokerages is that fees can add up—fast. From marketing costs to expenses tied to throwing an open house, it can be tricky to keep costs low. However, if you invest in a flat-fee service, you can go through the costs line by line, see if they work for your budget, and rest assured that you know what your final commission price will be. 

2. Understand Services Upfront

When you sit down with a flat-fee broker, talk with them about what kinds of services they are willing to offer, and whether or not they are already included in the flat fee. Typically, brokers who offer flat-fee services have different packages that include various things you should think about, including high-end photography, aerial shots of your property, or even professional staging. Sit down with your realtor and talk about everything they offer, and select the services that would show off the home you worked so hard to clean, stage, and prepare for market. 

3. Have More Money for Your Next Place

Because you won't be faced with additional expenses and many services may be tied into your existing fee structure, you can have more money to spend on your next place, which is important in the world of real estate acquisition. When you know precisely what your broker will charge you for their services, it makes it easy to decide how much you will have to spend for your next place, which can really streamline your entire investment process. Make sure you have an accurate idea of where you want to live and what you want to do moving forward so you don't confront any surprises. 

Anytime you are thinking about working with a brokerage, talk with them about their fee structure, and ask if they can offer their services on a flat-cost basis. Be open and honest about what you are willing to spend, and talk with them about how they plan to move forward. By doing this level of due diligence, you can find the real estate team that works well with you.