Do's And Don'ts Of Communication With Your Real Estate Agent

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Do's And Don'ts Of Communication With Your Real Estate Agent

31 August 2020
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When you contract with a real estate agent, you need to feel that you are part of a team whose shared goal is the fast and profitable sale of your home. But working as a team involves the right communication. How can you get the communication you need without feeling like you're overwhelming anyone? Here are a few key do's and don'ts. 

Do Ask Questions At Early Meetings. Your first — and possibly second or third — meetings are the best time to pummel the agent with questions. This is particularly important if you aren't experienced in all matters real estate. Don't be afraid to write a list of queries. They could include anything from how the agent charges their fees to what you can do to spruce up the home. The more you talk in these early days, the more you will both be on the same page.

Don't Call Multiple Times Per Day. Aside from key points — such as during open houses or when the sale is closing — you shouldn't need to be in touch with the agent all through the day. This takes up your own time and it may distract them from focusing on your sale. Instead, consider saving your questions when possible until you have several to ask at the same time. Or make use of alternative means of communication. 

Do Use Alternative Communication. Today's clients have a variety of means to communicate with their agent. In addition to in-person meetings, you can telephone, video-chat, text, or email. Ask the agent what are their preferred forms of communication and let them know yours so you can come to agreement. Make use of alternative options when minor questions arise or when you can wait for an answer.

Don't Accept Bad Communication. While you don't want to be on the phone constantly, you also should not feel left out in the cold by your real estate agent. You should feel informed along the way and only have to reach out when new questions arise rather than because you don't know what's going on. If your agent makes you feel this way, it may be wise to find someone you work better with. 

The best way to find the right communication style is to begin by meeting in person with high quality realtors in your area. While learning about the various elements of a real estate sale, you will also learn the importance of the right communication in reaching your home sale goals. Start today by making an appointment.