5 Features Luxury Home Builders Are Offering In 2020

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5 Features Luxury Home Builders Are Offering In 2020

27 August 2020
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The pandemic of 2020 changed many things about how we live as a society. Even the houses we live in are changing to accommodate the 'new normal' that we are experiencing. While stay-at-home orders may be boring, the way luxury homes are adapting to the changes is new and exciting. 

1. Swimming Pool 

Swimming pools have always been deemed a luxury item, but custom home builders are seeing an increased interest in swimming pools. In fact, the demand for swimming pools is remarkable. To combat the monotony of another potential stay-in-place order, buyers want swimming pools in their backyard so they can keep busy when stuck at home.  

2. Home Gyms 

Sadly, a new phrase that emerged due to the pandemic is "The Quarantine 15," which is a reflection on how many Americans have gained weight during the pandemic. The combination of not being able to go to their local gym and possibly a little stress eating has caused weight gain at all levels of society. Luxury home builders are responding by including over-the-top home gyms for their customers. 

3. Oversize Lots 

The trend for the last several decades has been bigger and bigger houses on smaller and smaller lots. While the square footage of the average house is not going down, the size of the lot is increasing. Custom home builders are meeting the demands of their buyers by offering larger lots so home buyers have room to spread out, both indoors and out. 

4. Bowling Alleys 

Bowling is a great activity to try, especially in the winter when it is too cold or snowy to be outside. Unfortunately, bowling alleys can be germy places in the best of times. Luxury home buyers are installing bowling alleys in their homes. While a regulation alley needs to be 60 feet in length plus room for the ball return and pin set up area, duckpin bowling only needs a mere 35 feet and can fit in many home game rooms or bonus rooms. 

5. Sports Courts

Custom home builders are also offering to build a sports court as an option for their clients. A sports court can be used year-round for multiple sports, from pickleball to basketball. They give people a way to get out an exercise when the gyms are closed and they need a break from binge-watching their favorite shows. 

Custom home builders are changing to meet the needs of Americans during and after the pandemic and the results are exciting. For help finding luxury homes in your area, reach out to a local real estate agent.