5 Surprising Things That Home Buyers Are Looking For In A House For 2020 And Beyond

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5 Surprising Things That Home Buyers Are Looking For In A House For 2020 And Beyond

7 August 2020
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While every home buyer has their own personal wish list as far as the location and number of bedrooms needed in a house, there are many features that are topping everyone's wish list and some of them may surprise you.

1. Enclosed Porch: This feature boils down to two words: porch pirates. In 2020 alone, experts state that Americans will spend a staggering $709 billion dollars online. That equates to a lot of deliveries. No one wants to lose a package to theft, so buyers have their eye out for homes with enclosed porches or other areas that make things harder for a thief. 

2. Expanded Mudroom: Buyers have seen all the pictures online from influencers and design bloggers of gorgeously organized mudrooms with individual wood lockers for each family member and they want it. While a large mudroom space is helpful, they would prefer that wood lockers and other details already be installed and ready to go for them. 

3. Upgraded Kitchen: Kitchens and bathrooms sell houses. It's been true in the past and is still true today. Buyers want the kitchen of their dreams complete with natural stone countertops, reclaimed wood floors, and glass-front cabinets. While cabinet color preference may vary throughout the country and from person to person, all buyers want brand new, stainless steel appliances, preferably commercial grade. 

4. Outdoor Living: In the past, buyers have appreciated a large backyard where they could let kids and pets roam freely and could put their own stamp on it over time. Today's buyers, however, want it done and ready to go. They do not want just a cement patio and an expanse of grass, however. They want a screened-in porch leading to a huge deck and outdoor fireplace for cool evenings. A simple BBQ area is fine, but buyers prefer a complete outdoor kitchen where they can entertain family and friends in style. 

5. Pool: One of the stranger things that buyers are looking for is a pool. While pools are always hot commodities in warmer climates, like California or Arizona, they have been tough sells in colder states where you can only use a pool a few short months of the year. That all changed in 2020. Buyers want pools. This change was precipitated by the pandemic and the multiple stay-at-home mandates. In fact, new pool installations jumped a whopping 800% in 2020. A pool makes any backyard more enjoyable when you have to stay home and gives exercise options when the gym is closed. 

Buyers are out there house hunting, but what they are looking for has changed. For more information about what home buyers may be looking for in your area, reach out to a real estate agent.