Ask The Right Questions When Hiring A Property Manager

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Ask The Right Questions When Hiring A Property Manager

30 July 2020
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Getting help from a property manager can be so important when you've been eager to make owning a rental property easier on you. From making sure that the apartment or house doesn't have a vacancy for an extended period of time to providing maintenance when necessary, you can make managing a rental a lot easier with an experienced property manager.

To make sure that you hire the right individual or team for the job, consider the following questions that should come up when hiring a property manager.

Inquire About Their Number of Managed Units

As you reach out to property management companies, it's important to check how many units they manage. While more units being managed could mean that they're more successful at their job and have a lot of experience, it can also come with some frustrations over whether they're able to provide the care for the tenants.

From quick responses for maintenance requests to filling vacancies, you'll want to find a property manager that isn't overwhelmed and can provide the right kind of response your tenants need.

Ask About the Turnaround Time for Maintenance

Even with a property manager that handles only a small number of units at a time, you'll still want to check whether they're capable of handling maintenance when it's necessary. Asking about how soon they get back to a tenant or if they're available during most hours can help you determine whether they will be a good match.

Even how the property management team can be reached should be inquired about, making it a good thing to check when you begin contacting property management companies.

Discuss the Property Management Fees

One of the things that can get in the way of feeling comfortable with a specific property management team is simply what kinds of fees you can expect. Instead of feeling overwhelmed due to the fees involved in hiring a property manager, you can feel a lot more comfortable by asking questions about what you can expect to spend and what the fees cover.

With the intention to hire a property management team, there's a lot of things that you may be curious about when it comes to finding someone that can make managing a rental easier for you. From inquiring about the experience to checking what you can expect for the fees involved, the above questions and contacting more property managers can help considerably in getting the help that's needed for managing a rental unit or home that you own.