3 Ways to Make Your Property Alluring to Investors

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3 Ways to Make Your Property Alluring to Investors

21 July 2020
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These days, more than a few people are looking for homes that they can purchase, fix up, and flip for a profit. Although you may want to get top dollar for your property, sometimes time is of the essence, and you want to sell your home quickly. If you are interested in selling your place to an investor, here are three ways to make your property alluring. 

1. Skip Those Projects and Lower Your Price

Sure, you need to replace the carpet and fix those cabinets, but if an investor will be gutting your property, do you need to take care of those items before you leave? The answer is no. Instead of focusing on making your home perfect for when you sell it, skip those projects and lower your price. When you know that the home needs work, it will be obvious to anyone who is thinking about flipping the place. Instead, create a strong price point that will appeal to investors, and don't be shy about marketing it appropriately. 

2. Be Flexible with Terms

You may want a 30-day close, but when it comes to selling to an investor, it is important to be incredibly flexible with the terms you are willing to accept. Sometimes, investors need to get into a house, fix it, and flip it within that timeframe, so you may be asked to close sooner and move out your things. When you start accepting offers for your home, keep an open mind and a flexible schedule, so you can see offers for what they are—the chance to sell your home and move on with your life. 

3. Know Your Property History 

Sellers love a home with a little history, especially in historical districts or older parts of the city. Learn about your home when you live there, and consider going on a little field trip to your attic or cold storage area to look for clues. Many homeowners have found plans, newspaper scraps, or other fun objects from their home's history, which help to create a rich and interesting pull for investors. 

Remember, when you sell your home to an investor, you need to come to grips with the fact that the home may look very different soon. Take several photos of your place before you leave, say your goodbyes, and have fun tracking the progress when you drive by later. Contact a realtor ​for more assistance.