What a Virtual Home Tour Can and Cannot Show Buyers

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What a Virtual Home Tour Can and Cannot Show Buyers

16 June 2020
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When buyers want to see a home without having to leave their own homes, virtual tours can be an amazing way to do so. As long as you don't rely solely on what you see online to make your buying decision, virtual home tours have their place in your search for a home. Read on and consider how a virtual tour fits into your plans for buying a home and how important it is to consider that tour just part of the home search process.

What Can a Virtual Home Tour Offer?

1. Virtual tours are convenient. Buyers can relax and go on a walk-through of a home without having to go anywhere. That's a plus for those wanting to stay home more now and those with mobility or illness issues that nevertheless need to shop for a home.

2. More realtors offer them now. Virtual tours used to be reserved for high-dollar homes priced in the millions but now homes of all price ranges can be viewed that way.

3. Look all you want. There's no need to phone the real estate agent and set up an appointment to view a home. With a virtual tour, you can revisit the home as often as you wish and compare several homes to help you narrow down a few for an in-person visit. In addition to the virtual tour, some sites offer floor plans that allow buyers to see room sizes and the layout of the home.

How Are Virtual Tours Not Enough?

While all of the above is beneficial, buyers would be making a big mistake if they don't view the home in person before they make an offer on it, and here is why:

1. These tours highlight the best features of a room or a home, but perhaps not the entire home. If there are problems with a home, you probably won't see that on the virtual tour.

2. The neighborhood counts too. What virtual tours don't tell you is what the other homes on the street look like. The best home ever may be worthless if it's located in a run-down area. If you are buying a condo, you should inspect the common areas when you tour.

3. You'll need an inspection and, fortunately, professional home inspectors go where cameras won't and reveal the health of a home's major systems like the roof, plumbing, electric, foundation, and more. Don't forgo this step.

4. Atmosphere is a consideration. A home is more than the way it looks. In-person tours can reveal things that a virtual tour cannot like odors, sounds, light – or lack thereof, traffic patterns, and more.

Don't let your virtual tour be the only resource you use. Speak to a real estate agent about personally touring real estate for sale that sparks your curiosity.