5 Keys To Selling Your Home Post-Pandemic

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5 Keys To Selling Your Home Post-Pandemic

15 June 2020
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A worldwide pandemic may have brought the real estate market to a standstill over the winter, but as spring turns to summer, people are out there again looking to buy. Here are a few simple tips to sell your house fast and for top dollar. 

1. Let the sunshine in

Everyone always wants a house with good light. This can be tricky to define, but you can help create that feeling by opening all your blinds and curtains to let in as much sunshine as possible. Another secret trick is to turn every single light in your home on. This creates the illusion of that mysterious good light. 

2. Cool it down

You may have heard from your power company that turning down the air conditioning when you are not home can save on your utility bill. This, however, is not the time to conserve energy. Keep the AC at a comfortable pace so that the potential buyers entering your home will want to linger in that nice cold air and explore your home further. 

3. Keep it nice

Everyone wants to enjoy their weekend, especially after so many weeks under stay-in-place orders. This, however, does not mean that you can shirk your yard duties. Your lawn must be meticulously mowed when your house is for sale. A well-maintained lawn, properly weeded landscape beds, and lovely flowers blooming by the front door all add considerable weight to your curb appeal and help sell your home fast.

4. Use a drone

Some buyers may be hesitant to foray out into the world after a scary pandemic. Make sure you hire an agent that shows your home in its best light with killer pictures, helpful videos, and drone footage of your property and surrounding neighborhood so that potential buyers can see how great your house is from the comfort of their own home. 

5. Send pets on a vacation

While no one wants to hear it, someone needs to tell you. Pets can create an odor in a home that its residents no longer notice. The odor can be very off-putting for potential buyers. Ask your real estate agent or a brutally honest friend to give your home a sniff test. If they can smell pet odor, you should consider sending your pets on a vacation to grandma's house before putting your house on the market. 

While 2020 may have started off as a rocky year, following the steps above will definitely make 2020 the year that you sell your house for top dollar. 

If you would like to sell your house, contact a real estate agent for additional help.