How To Find A Townhome That Will Allow Your Pit Bull

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How To Find A Townhome That Will Allow Your Pit Bull

3 June 2020
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Do you own a pit bull? While you love your dog and wish to keep your companion with you, it's harder for you to do so as a renter. When you own a dog that is considered an aggressive or restricted breed, it can be harder to find a home to live in. When you are looking for townhomes that allow aggressive dog breeds, you can find what you're looking for if you do your research and seek properties correctly.

Here is a way you can find a townhome that will allow your pit bull to live with you. The right pet-friendly townhomes will be able to meet your needs and allow you to have a great place to live that you and your pit bull will feel comfortable with. Here are ways you can find townhomes that allow aggressive dog breeds.

Talk to your local vet

Take your pit bull to your local vet and make sure its vet records are up to date, regarding shots. While there, ask for a referral from your veterinarian regarding your dog's demeanor and temperament to give to townhouse managers when you apply for housing.

Get a recommendation from your vet for housing options in the area that allow aggressive dog breeds. Your vet is a good source for this type of housing request because they may have encountered clients who have had issues with housing in the past. Your vet can refer you to local animal shelters and rescue organizations who can give you information about this type of housing need as well.

Talk to your real estate agent

Whether you are looking to rent or to buy, you will have better luck connecting to housing that will accommodate you and your pit bull if you work with a real estate agent. Your real estate agent will not only be able to find housing as it opens up, but they will also be able to act as a mediator with pet-friendly townhome managers to ensure that your pit bull will be allowed and you have all the required paperwork and other documentation done to get into the right housing you need.

Many rentals require a pet deposit when pet owners rent their properties. If this is the case, be prepared with a deposit, which can be anywhere from a few hundred dollars to $500. Some pet fees are refundable while others are not, so check out what your options are when you discover townhomes that allow aggressive dog breeds.