Are Luxury Townhomes Good for a Senior Buyer?

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Are Luxury Townhomes Good for a Senior Buyer?

26 May 2020
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog

As a senior citizen, when you decide to buy a home, your needs and concerns can look slightly different than those of the average homebuyer. If you have spotted a luxury townhome that has really attracted your attention as a nice investment, it may lead to the question of whether these townhomes are logical for a senior buyer.

Luckily, high-end townhomes have so much to offer every buyer, including those who are well beyond the typical home-buying years. Here is a look at some of the reasons luxury townhomes tend to be a good investment for the senior buyer. 

1. Luxury townhomes often have amenities that seniors can enjoy. 

Amenities are a big reason why buyers are attracted to luxury properties, including townhomes. Some of these townhomes will be part of a homeowner's association, which means the grounds and neighborhood can have a lot of perks available for residents within the community. You may find amenities like: 

  • a large in-ground pool area 
  • a fitness area 
  • a communal gathering area 
  • a tennis court
  • a dog park 
  • a community flower or vegetable garden 

All of these amenities can be great for the senior who likes to stay active without necessarily getting out of the house or too far away from home. Plus, it gives you the opportunity to get to know your neighbors. 

2. Luxury townhomes do not require you to tend to outdoor property maintenance. 

One of the greatest advantages of townhomes, and one that attracts buyers of all ages, is the fact that the external property maintenance is something that is usually handled by someone other than the owner. When you buy a luxury townhome, you are paying for the structure and not the grounds the structure is on. Therefore, taking care of the lawn or landscaping, and potentially other outlying property maintenance requirements, will not be the townhome owner's responsibility. As a senior, this can be especially important. 

3. Luxury townhomes can be in some of the best, most secure neighborhoods. 

Security is often a priority for senior homebuyers, especially those who may live alone. One of the designating factors for a luxury property is the location; you can find many luxury townhomes situated in the best communities and locations. It is actually not uncommon to have these properties situated inside gated communities or in areas where the HOA governs a stellar neighborhood watch program or employs a security officer who stays stationed in the area. 

If you're a senior ready to move, contact real estate agents with luxury townhomes for sale.