What Your Real Estate Agent Needs To Market Your House Well

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What Your Real Estate Agent Needs To Market Your House Well

19 May 2020
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Your real estate agent is responsible for marketing your home using advertisements, but your cooperation is essential in making those advertisements the best they can be. You'll need to work with your agent to provide any information and assistance they need. Here are some of the things your agent will need in order to market your house to the best of their ability.

1. Lots of great pictures

Making the best possible photos available (and lots of them) is essential. In fact, plenty of high-quality pictures could help your home sell much faster once your agent has listed it. You'll need to put in some time to deep-clean your house, declutter, and stage the home to best advantage, then photograph with a wide-angle lens.

2. Information about systems and selling points

The more information about your house that gets into the listing, the better. If your house has some great bonus like an in-ground pool, you and your agent need to leverage that by including it in the pictures and by mentioning how big it is in the description. Otherwise, people who are looking for a house with an in-ground pool may miss it and you could miss out on great offers.

On the flip side, if your house has a serious problem such as a failing foundation, you'll need that in the description as well, although it may seem counterintuitive. Otherwise, lots of people could ask for a showing and waste your time (and your real estate agent's time) when it turns out they're not interested in a house with foundation problems at all.

So make sure your real estate agent knows all about the unique draws, benefits, and any possible drawbacks about your house as well. The agent can then take this information and use it to form a compelling description that attracts all the right buyers.

3. Your schedule

Since your agent will likely expect you to be away from home when they host a showing, open house, or similar event, you'll need to compare schedules. Let your agent know when you're typically away from home (such as at work) and if there are any times when making way for a showing would be extremely inconvenient for you.

4. Reliable contactability

It may go without saying that your agent needs to have your phone number or other contact info. However, do keep in mind that sometimes a house sale can move very fast, so your agent needs to be able to contact you in real-time.

So make sure the agent has the contact info that will reach you the fastest. If you're not allowed to talk on the phone at work, that may mean your work email or even texting.

Making sure your agent has all these things will help them market your house as effectively as possible. Be sure to talk to your agent and ask if they need anything else from you as well.