5 Impressive Property Features To Look For In Luxury Real Estate

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5 Impressive Property Features To Look For In Luxury Real Estate

4 May 2020
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When you are on the lookout for your luxury home, it is the house that stands as a sort-of crown jewel of the whole property. However, the grounds the house is seated on deserve just a much observance because these properties can be pretty spectacular. In fact, you will have a lot of fun examining all the cool things you can find hanging out on a luxury real estate property beyond just the impressive house. Here are five impressive property features to look for in luxury real estate.

1. Outdoor Kitchens 

Cooking is no longer just reserved for kitchens inside the house; a lot of people spend time cooking outdoors these days just the same. Many luxury real estate properties do have outdoor kitchens equipped with everything from a brick oven to an island with a grill.

2. Sport Areas 

Do you enjoy tennis? How about basketball or baseball? Maybe you enjoy the occasional round of golf. Sports-related features on luxury properties are common, but these are far more large-scale than what you would see on average residential properties. For example, you may find something like a pro-size basketball court or a golf course that is a few acres large.

3. Water-Related Extras 

In some parts of the country, it is rather difficult to find a luxury property that does not include at least a hot tub or spa area, but many will have a large and impressive in-ground swimming pool. You may even find some properties with everything from a pool and spa to a small water-related sprinkler pad for the kids and outdoor sauna.

4. Extra Housing 

Don't be surprised if you go to check out a luxury property and find that the property is outfitted with extra living quarters, such as a guest house, a pool house, or even a staff house. These bonus areas are awesome if you consistently have guests staying over or if you do intend to have in-house staff like a chef, maid, or nanny.

5. A View 

It may sound like such a small aspect of any piece of real estate, but the view can make or break a property's value. And luxury properties tend to have the best views of all. Impressive mountain scenery, views of the sea from the pinnacle point of the shore, and forested hills and valleys may be just outside a luxury home's window. The house is usually arranged in a way to ensure the best views of the surrounding view as well.

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