Tips For Enhancing Your Real Estate Listing

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Tips For Enhancing Your Real Estate Listing

10 April 2020
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Online listings are some of the most common and effective ways of selling real estate properties. However, nearly all sellers are listing their properties online, which makes the market seem crowded. Fortunately, there are tips and tricks you can use to make your listing stand out from the crowded field. Below are some of these tips and tricks.

Use Well-Crafted Descriptions

Although your property's pictures will probably draw people to your listing, don't underestimate the power of descriptive words. Here are a few helpful tips:

  • Use descriptive words
  • Highlight the standout features of your property
  • Don't overuse or misuse punctuation, such as exclamation marks

Get a professional copywriter to help you craft an excellent description.

Take Professional Photos

The photos are probably the first things prospective buyers will notice. Get the photos right, and you will be halfway through with your advertisement.  According to, here are a few useful photography tips to help you sell your home:

  • Declutter the rooms
  • Stage the house
  • Use lots of natural light
  • Use wide-lens shots
  • Use multiple photos from different angels — include both interior and exterior shots

Again, if you are not a great photographer, get a professional to help you.

Go Beyond Words and Pictures

Don't restrict your listing to words and pictures. Take a video of your home and show it to your prospective buyers. Make it fun and enjoyable, for example, by including a narration or background music to entice prospective buyers to watch the whole video. You can also create virtual tours of the property to give your audience the freedom to view the house from all angels at their pace.

Switch Primary Photos

Switch the primary photo after your house has taken some time in the market. A new photo will revitalize your listing and get probably widen your audience. A new lead photo may attract even those who had viewed the house before. Some people may even think it's a new listing. You can even switch the photo multiple times, depending on how long your home is on the market.

Enhanced Listings

Lastly, you can also boost your listing by enhancing it. Many property-listing sites will display your listing more prominently than the standard listings, at a small fee. In most cases, the enhancement will give your listing more exposure and, hopefully, translate to a faster sale.

Note that you don't have to list your property online to sell it. Consult a real estate agent for further ways of reaching prospective buyers and marketing your property for sale. Professionals can help you sell your house.