3 Ways To Stage Your Home Like A Pro

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3 Ways To Stage Your Home Like A Pro

28 March 2020
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When you are ready to put your home on the market, home staging can make or break the experience for prospective buyers. There are simple strategies you can use to make your home look more attractive without significant renovations.

Create the Illusion of More Space

One of the major problems you want to avoid is clutter because it makes the space appear smaller. In addition to minimizing the amount of items you have in a single room, there are ways you can create the illusion of the space being more roomy than it is. Keep furniture items away from the wall as much as possible and move them more toward the center of the room. Open the blinds and curtains to allow more natural light inside, which can make the space feel less crowded. Many people use at least one mirror in a room to create the illusion of additional space. Try hanging a mirror on the wall in major rooms, such as the living room.

Do Small Updates

Sometimes you may not have the money or time for major renovations to your home, but small updates can make the space more aesthetically pleasing and fresh. Replace the hardware in the kitchen and bathroom with new knobs and drawer pulls. Depending on the look of the cabinetry, you may want to use shiny or antiqued metal for the hardware. This is also the opportunity for attractive fine details, such as drawer pulls with small flourishes on them. Other updates that can make a huge impact include buying new bedding and couch/sofa covers. Use pillows and throw pillows on the living room and bedroom furniture to add a little character to the environment.

Use Soft Colors

Although you might enjoy bold or rich colors, a prospective buyer may not appreciate your tastes. This is the time you may need to repaint the rooms throughout your home and aim for soft colors. You do not necessarily need to paint the walls white, but if they will stay white, give them a fresh coat of paint. Other colors that look nice are muted tones like a light, cool gray or off-white. These colors can be a better option than true white, which can sometimes appear harsh, especially if there is a lot of natural light coming through window. The occasional pop of color is okay, but try to avoid bright colors, which can appear harsh and distracting.

When significant renovations are not an option or unnecessary, small details can transform your home. Staging your home like a pro may be the key to a home that sells quickly.