Using a Home Finder? 3 Filters You Should Be Using

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Using a Home Finder? 3 Filters You Should Be Using

23 March 2020
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When you start shopping for a luxury home, it can be easy to be distracted by things like quartzite countertops, soaker tubs, and gorgeous, high-end furniture. However, when you look online for the home itself, you should pay attention to all available filters, since some may be incredibly useful for helping you to narrow down your options. Here are three filters you should be using when you look for a new house. 

1. Square Footage

Start becoming familiar with the square footage filter. Think about the current square footage of your home, and then put the number you want into the home finder app accordingly. For instance, if you are currently living in a 2,500 square foot home and you want your space to be at least twice as large, you could enter 5,000 and above to look for homes that are large enough for everything you want to do inside your place. 

Additionally, pay close attention to the size of the lot to ensure that you have enough outdoor space for any future projects, such as swimming pool installations. 

2. Year Built

While older homes can be packed with charm, newer homes can contain many important features such as home automation systems, security wiring, and building materials that are sure not to contain any asbestos. Furthermore, newer homes may be up to modern building codes, when older places may need to be adjusted slightly over the years. Look for a home that has been built recently if you are concerned about moving right in without having to do any work, and always invest in a thorough home inspection before finalizing any paperwork. 


Many home finder applications also give you the chance to filter views, which can be very helpful if you are concerned about what you can see from your home, bedroom windows, back deck, and porch. Think about where the home is, which views you could likely see, and look for a house that shows off that view. For instance, if you are shopping for oceanfront property, make sure the living spaces have a great view of the sea. 

When you have an idea in mind of what you are looking for in a luxury home, don't hesitate to talk with a real estate agent. In addition to helping you to screen for homes that meet your criteria using the multiple listing service, real estate agents can also walk you through homes in person, giving you a better idea of exactly what you want.