Selling A Business? 3 Reasons To Invest In Drone Videography

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Selling A Business? 3 Reasons To Invest In Drone Videography

23 March 2020
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog

Drone photography is a new and evolving field, capable of showing a house or property from a birds-eye view. While aerial images in the past were expensive, modern drones have made it possible for even amateur photographers to show your business off from the sky. Here are three reasons to invest in commercial drone videography when you want to sell your business. 

1. Let Potential Buyers Inspect the Lot Layout

While photos can help a buyer to understand your property, aerial videography turns a tour of your outdoor space into an exciting visual adventure. You can use the footage to take buyers on a tour of the property, starting from the front gate and moving throughout the outdoor space. At the end, the drone can be lifted straight into the sky to show off that gorgeous sunset. 

2. Show Off the Area

Drone videography is also tremendously helpful if you need to highlight the area. By taking potential buyers on a virtual tour of the business park, you can show people just how gorgeous the space is and how close the building is to fun local amenities such as hiking trails and local parks. Drone videography also helps to capture the culture and atmosphere of an area, which can make it more appealing to other people. 

3. Explain Proximity to Town

If your building is close to great restaurants, tourist attractions, or fun perks like beach access, you will want to show it off with drone videography. Use drone footage to show the proximity of the building to the main part of town, and don't be afraid to take simple shots like hovering above a spot and circling around, giving your viewers a way to soak in the views. 

When buyers understand the proximity to town, they may be more likely to invest in your property, since they could see more easily what the commute might be like. When you order the video from your photographer or marketing professional, ask for distances to major areas to be superimposed over some parts of the video. 

When you are ready to list your business for sale, ask your real estate agent how they plan to market your property. If drone photography isn't on the list, find another agent who is more committed to the marketing process. By taking the right steps to show off your business, you can create a beautiful first impression for potential buyers.