Timing The Market: How To Know It's A Good Time To Sell Your Home

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Timing The Market: How To Know It's A Good Time To Sell Your Home

19 March 2020
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If you have been considering selling your home, but you do not need to move by a certain date, then it is wise to pay attention and time your listing right. If you put your home on the market at the right time, you can earn more for it than you would otherwise earn. Here are some indications that it might be a good time to sell your home.

1. Houses in the neighborhood are selling quickly. 

Have you seen a lot of other "for sale" signs popping up in your neighborhood, but then being taken down just days later? This is a clear indication that the market is hot! Chances are, your home will sell just as fast, and since there is clearly demand in your neighborhood right now, you can ask a higher price and be pretty confident you will get it.

2. The economy is on the upswing.

Often, people do not buy homes when the economy is in a downswing because they want to instead plan for stability and save their money. But when the economy starts perking up again, people head out and buy. If the economy has been recovering a bit lately, this means it is a good time to sell your home, as there are probably more interested buyers.

3. The job market is booming in the area.

If there have been a lot of jobs coming to your area. this indicates it's a good time to sell. Maybe a new company has opened, or perhaps some companies that have been around a while have started expanding and hiring more people. In any event, all of these new employees are going to need places to live, so you should not have trouble selling your home. 

4. Renting has become increasingly expensive near you.

Every now and then, take a look at the rental listings in your area. If you start to notice that the prices are climbing, this could indicate it is a good time to sell your home — particularly if your home is a smaller one that could be considered a starter home. As rent becomes more expensive, more people decide to buy, rather than continuing to pay rent.

If you think it might be time to put your home on the market, reach out to a real estate agent in your area. They can help you take photos, list the home, and find the right buyer.