4 Common Issues To Watch For With Waterfront Homes

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4 Common Issues To Watch For With Waterfront Homes

18 March 2020
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For many folks, few things are as exciting as looking at lakefront homes for sale. It's important, however, to think about some common issues that even the best waterfront homes may have. Here are four of the most common things to consider when hunting for lakefront homes.

Public and Personal Access

Make lakefronts are required by local or state laws to provide easements. Some of these merely allow the public to scoot along the shoreline within so many feet so they can move around the lake. Others, though, may include the rights to engage in activities like fishing and swimming. If you're looking for total privacy on your property, you'll want to consider this issue when evaluating waterfront home sales.

The reverse can also end up being a problem with regards to the lake. You may be limited in your ability to use watercraft. There may also be local regulations pertaining to what sizes and types of vehicles can go in the water. Similarly, restrictions may apply to activities like fishing.

Engineering Challenges

The presence of a lake nearby means there may be some engineering challenges. The ground underneath a house might be softer than you'd see in some other environments. You may also need to make some engineering choices regarding construction methods if you want to install a dock or boat launch. If you're planning any construction on the property during your time as owner, you'll want to have an engineering study conducted to ensure you'll be using the right methods for the terrain.


Waterlines are especially prone to changing. This can create some very odd issues beyond simply not finding the water where it was shown on old maps. In some regions, land and usage rights go to the shore. If the waterline has shifted permanently, the accompanying rights to the property may also have changed. It's a good idea to have a professional survey conducted to determine what the property's limits are.

Pollution Risks

Parking anything next to a body of water entails the risk that pollution will run from the land into the water. This extends beyond the lake to any streams or creeks that might be on the property. Landowners are generally responsible for making sure that sewage, runoff, and other pollutants don't make it into the water. This can even apply to seemingly minor things, such as the fertilizers used to treat your lawn. 

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